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imadirtyrobot's Journal


my name is jenna.

i'm addicted to polos, fashion and old films. i'm dependant on painkillers and in love
with quirky style. i like polaroids, bright lights and big cities. i have no intention of
stealing your boyfriend, but i do like a good gossip session. i'm a pretty kitty
and i know what i want most of the time. i read i-d magazine and watch late night tv.

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adult swim, air mail, alcohol, andy warhol, anime, armani jeans, art, asian horror, audrey hepburn, barbie, bathing ape, big cities, bill murray, bleach, block colours, books, boombox, boys, bright eyes, chanel, cigarettes, clubs, coco rocha, coffee, covent garden, csi, d&g, d'n'b, datarock, death note, designing, dior, disco, drawing, eddie izzard, electro, electronic music, elle, eternal sunshine, fashion, fendi handbags, festivals, film photography, films, flux, foreign languages, fun, gaara, garden state, geeks, gemma ward, ghds, ghetto blasters, ghost world, giles deacon, girl boxers, gold chains, good hair days, gossip, grace kelly, grey's anatomy, guys, h&m, harrods, heels, history, hot chip, house of holland, html, i ♥ appletooth, i-d magazine, ice cream, ima robot, irina lazareanu, japan, jessica stam, john galliano, kakashi, kate moss, kawaii, kiba, lain, late night tv, late nights, little black dresses, london, long msn convos, lost in translation, make up, maps, marc jacobs, marie antoinette, mates, metallics, mopeds, moshing, naruto, natalie portman, neon, neon lights, nerds, nike, no mornings, nylon magazine, old movies, painkillers, paris, parties, patrick wolf, perfume, photography, piss ups, polaroids, polos, pop magazine, quotations, railroads, rave, road trips, robots, scarlett johansson, sex, shoes, shopping, skinny fit jeans, smashing pumpkins, sofia coppola, st martin's, starbucks, starwars, taking photos, techno, the klaxons, the life aquatic, the virgin suicides, trains, travel, trench coats, twiggy, urban outfitters, vintage, vodka, vogue, web design, winter, wonder bras, writing, zach braff, zara